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Hello, darlings.  I'm back!

Sorry for the unexpected radio-silence.  I went out of town and over-estimated the amount of free time I would have.  I was at a three-week training intensive and I had a fantastic time, but my regular hours were 8 to 10.  And in what little downtime I had?  Well…I met a boy. lol  He was really amazing, and now that I'm feeling all lonely and blue from leaving him, you should all rejoice because you know what that means:  posts!!

That final, loose-ends-addressing chapter of Talking in Your Sleep is on its way, along with other summer goodies.  With any luck, I might even finish up a couple of those lonely, ending-less stories.

Also in the meantime, I plan to catch up on all the wonderful stories I've missed while I was gone.  Can't wait to see what you've all been working on!

Love and Orange Roses,
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Dear Guy on the Underground:  Yes, I thought you were attractive, too.  Thanks for being super-awkward, forward, and--I think--calling me "gorgeous."  Now, why can't guys that are actually going to be in my life look at me and think, "But I can't just leave this gorgeous girl...?"  Would you mind having a chat with all of them?

Dear Girl on the Train From London:  The next time you are going to vocalize your pompous, asinine, ignorant opinions about my country, try actually knowing what the $&%# you're talking about, and then checking whether any citizens of the country you're complaining about are in your immediate vicinity.  By the way, no, there are not people lying dead all over the streets of my country because they don't have health care, and no, emergency rooms do not turn people away.  That's the whole point of an emergency room.  Oh, and also, it takes a little more than a "couple of days" to get a driver's license there.  You know what?  Why don't you just go ahead and not talk every again?  I think it would be in everyone's best interest.

Dear Person on FanFiction.Net:  I understand and appreciate that you are enjoying my writing.  However, it is unnecessary to literally copy and paste the same comment to every single chapter of every single story.  And I assume you post the same review on every other story you like.  However, your carbon-copy responses imply to me that no thought goes into them and it is more of a knee-jerk reaction than anything.  Why don't you try switching it up?  Maybe "interesting" or "exciting" or "funny"  instead of "good story?"  And how about "looking forward to more" or "hope you update soon" as opposed to "more please?"  I don't mean to be rude to anyone who is reading my work, but...well, your redundant reviews get old very quickly, and they are disappointing when I am anticipating an actual heartfelt response that can tell me what I'm doing well or what I can improve.

Dear Other Person on FanFiction.Net:  Yes, I'm aware that that story was a failed experiment.  No need to get nasty about it.  If you didn't like it, you didn't have to read it.

Dear Professor Who Won't Get Back To Me:  I really do need to know whether you will write me that letter of recommendation.  It's kind of important to my future.  You know.  Just a little.  I don't mind if you can't, but I need to know so I can start approaching someone else before I start running out of time.

Dear Professors Who Lied to Me:  Hi, remember my freshman year, the first week of school when I was quite upset and asked if the honors college would continue to conflict with theatre, and you said, "Oh no, after this semester, it won't be a problem?"  Well, I'm going to graduate at the end of this year, and I'm here to call Bull-&$%#.  Exhibit A:  You just sent me a kindly worded e-mail "advising" me against accepting a teacher's aid position with you because if (by some miracle) I'm cast in a production, I won't be able to do both.  Oh, and didn't I need this TA job for me to graduate?  Right, just checking.  Liars.

Dear Guys Working in the Grocery Store:  Look, I have to shop at your store because it's convenient.  Now, would you ALL stop being creepy and following me and staring at me and hovering a foot away from me completely unabashedly?  It's freaking creepy.  Seriously.  It's weirding me out and I can't figure out why this happens every time I shop there.

Dear Writers of Action Comics 900th Issue:  Screw.  You.  You do realize that without citizenship to a country (any country, really, although I just want to point out that in spite of the "all that other stuff" comment in the recent film, Superman has stood for Truth, Justice, and the American Way since 1932), Superman becomes Dr. Manhattan, right?  Nobody wants that, you idiots.  "Citizen of the Universe?"  No such thing.  But I believe the Beatles have an excellent song about what it's like to be a "Nowhere Man."

Dear French Girl Two Doors Down:  I can't figure out if your insults are intentional or not, but you seem to toss a lot of them my way.  I mean, I get all dressed up to go out, and you ask me if I'm going running?  WTH?  I'm completely nice to you!!!

Dear Person Working Reception:  Hi, it's me again.  Remember how I asked you to fix the lights in my room?  Right, well, it's been a week, and I'm still sitting in the dark.   Literally.

-sigh-  Okay, I feel better now.

P.S. To Anyone Who Read This:  I know it looks like I have a problem with foreigners, but I swear I don't!  I just have had some isolated incidents recently.  --Blue

De Ja Vu

Apr. 11th, 2011 06:30 pm
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Me again.  Just a little update.

Chapter Ten of Talking in Your Sleep is taking just a smidge longer because even though I had it ready to post, I've decided not to in favor of a slight rewrite.  I'm not going to say why, but just take my word on the fact that you'll be grateful for it. ;)

In the meantime, I'm taking a short break to work on re-posting a few of my FFN fics.  I'm starting with the ones that were nominated for or won a Chlollie FanFic Award last year, and then I'm going to move on to a couple of my personal favorite pieces.  In other words, if you get de ja vu reading these, it's not in your head.  They're not new.  I hope you enjoy rereading them--or, if you haven't browsed my FFN account before, I hope you enjoy seeing them for the first time!

That's all for the moment.  Just wanted to let you guys know what's up.

Love & Other Drugs,
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So, I haven't updated since Monday, for which I apologize.  I blame the internet.  (Don't ask.  It's my building's fault, not mine.)  But meanwhile, I wanted to share a bit of extra artwork that [info]552158 has produced.  (She is the lovely person who has been creating the banners for Talking in Your Sleep.) 

Think of it as a preview for Chapter 9.

The dress, if you don't recognize it, is from the movie Atonement.  (Which is completely brilliant, by the way.)  I absolutely fell in love with it.

That's all for now.  Until later,
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Why, you ask?  Because I FINALLY finished updating all the links on my


(cue fanfare)

Right, so, it took way longer than it should have taken, and it was very tedious, but I think I can now officially say that I fully understand all the nitty gritty details of LJ formatting.  (yuck.)

Anyway, please go check it out, especially if you do not follow me on FanFiction.Net.  There are a lot of stories over there which I have not transferred to LJ.

Speaking of which, I've said it before, but I'll just throw it out there again for good measure:  Please let me know if there's a particular story you would like to see me transfer from FFN to LJ.  Also, if you are one of those marvelously talented banner-making types, if you make me a
banner, I will automatically transfer the story over here as a priority.  Or if one of my stories just happens to inspire you that's already on LJ...well, you're just super-cool, and I'd have to give you my undying love or something.

Regarding the list, please, PLEASE let me know if there is a screwed up link somewhere.  That goes for within the list or within a story.  I have spent ages policing for my own mistakes, but the fact is that you guys are more likely to come across these problems than I am.

I have also added Author's recommendations (i.e. stories that I'm proud of).  Is there anything else you think I could add that would make the list more user-friendly?  Please feel free to let me know.

Love & Other Drugs,
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Hello once again!
  I hope everyone's doing well.  I wanted to take a moment to throw a couple of things out there.

First, I have to apologize.  You're not going to like it.  Harleen is going back on hiatus.  I know.  I'm sorry.  Believe me when I say I feel bad about this.  The fact of the matter is that Read more... )

Read "Talking in Your Sleep" Preview )
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Harleen Extra

For those of you not too well-versed in the story of Harleen Quinzel, a.k.a. Harley Quinn, the Joker's psychotically awesome girlfriend, I've attached the cover of the comic book that told her origin story, Mad Love, as well as a YouTube video which has the origin scenes in the cartoon version of "Mad Love" from Batman the Animated Series.

A side note of intrest:  Harleen, or I should say "Harley," not unlike Chloe Sullivan, did not start out in the comic book canon.  Originally, she was a walk-on character in the Animated Series, only supposed to appear in one episode.  But, like Chloe, writers and fans alike fell in love with her.  She gained renown, an origin, and a role in the comic book universe, making a name for herself that no one would ever forget.

Not to mention she's the only girl who'd ever be able to get away with calling the Joker "Puddin'."  She's a one of a kind, kickass Supervillainess, and as her fans like to put it, "the only fangirl to ever get her man."

Did I mention the Joker can't tie his shoes without her?

Harley's Origin and Other Mad Fun )

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here's the thing, I have been thinking back on one of my earlier Chloe/Oliver stories titled Identity Crises which I posted on FFN.  The story was one of my more popular, based on nothing more than amount of feedback, but overall, I really don't think it was that good.  (Poor ending, plausibility issues, etc.)  The overall plot concept, however, won't quite leave me alone, that is, the idea of Chloe being in love with the Green Arrow and not knowing his identity.  I've recently been considering doing a rewrite--and I use the term very liberally.  It would not be an exact remake of the first story, it would be more like a remake of the idea, different overall, but ultimately the same basic concept.

Now, I'm currently putting most of my creative energies into finishing
Harleen--which feels like it will take the rest of my life--so this wouldn't come to fruition any time soon.  What I'm wondering is whether or not people would be interested in this?  Is it something you would want to read or are you already bored by the idea of my recycling plot points?  Let me know one way or another; I would like to be able to take it into consideration.

bluesuedeshoes: blue & rose ([not okay])
Author:  BlueSuede
Rating:  PG

a one-shot glimpse into loneliness
Warning: somewhat AU (Chloe and Oliver aren't together)

Author's Note:  I'm still battling writer's block among other things, and once again, I seized an idea when it presented itself; I hope it's not terribly depressing.  I wanted to take a moment to dedicated the first portion of this story, the section from Chloe's perspective, to the guy who let me sleep on his shoulder on a bus yesterday.  He has no idea what he did for or to me.  ...but that's another story.  For now: Chlollie.

Also, in keeping with the theme of this story, that is, the need for reaching out and making contact, I chose to share my face for the first time ever.  It is distorted some, of course.  Anonymity is still my best friend.  But anyway, I was gripped with the notion to do it, and I decided to go with my instinct.

Read more... )

hi. )
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So, in the downtime between stories, here, I wanted to publish my "side notes" so to speak.  Just sort of some trivia from the story An Exceptional Young Woman if you're interested.

Dean Carter was so named in recognition of Lynda Carter, the actress who played Wonder Woman in The New Adventures of Wonder Woman. Not-so-coincidentally, she also played Chloe’s mother on Smallville. )
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So, as a head's up, I am not going to be writing much fan fiction for the next month, which unfortunately does put Harleen on the backburner yet again.  Sorry.

This is because it is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), and I am writing a novel!  Yay!  If you are curious about it, or if you want to be writing buddies with me because you're participating, too, my pseudonym is SusannaHall.  Hope to see some of you on there, and best of luck to anyone who is aiming for those prestigious 50,000 words!

Affectionately and Ambitiously,

Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia.  ~E.L. Doctorow
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So, I finally got around to putting together a master list containing all my stories published on LiveJournal.  It is now COMPLETED because I have finished transferring links to all of my stories from my account.  (By the way, if anyone makes a banner for a story, I will automatically post it over here ASAP.  I always appreciate artwork!)

Also, for those who follow me on FFN, be aware that there are easter eggs, so to speak in here, meaning sequels or second parts not posted on FFN (usually because of rating).

Finally, if you discover a link that doesn't work, please let me know ASAP so I can fix it, or if you have any suggestions about how to make this page more user-friendly, I am all ears and would appreciate the advice!

Happy Browsing!

P.S.  The asterisk (*) is for Author's Choice.  In other words, these stories are the ones I consider to be some of my best or favorite work for entirely subjective reasons.

*A New Direction–Complete on FFN
Spoilers for Absolute Justice: Essentially a continuation of the episode in which Oliver makes an important discovery: Chloe is, in fact, female.

A Mother Knows–Complete
Moira Sullivan opens her door to find a twelve-year-old Oliver looking for her daughter.  [adolescent JL]

A Night Off–Complete
AU Oneshot; Oliver decides that Chloe has been working too hard

An Exceptional Reunion–Complete
rewrite of S6 Episode Reunion according the Exceptional Young Woman Universe–How have things changed now that Chloe attended St. Joan's?

Chapter One; Chapter TwoChapter Three

An Exceptional Young Woman–Complete
Chloe gets thrown out of Smallville High, landing her in boarding school, or more specifically, the sister school to Excelsior Academy. What will she think when she meets the young Oliver Queen?

Chapter One; Chapter Two; Chapter Three; Chapter Four; Chapter Five; Chapter Six; Chapter Seven; Chapter Eight; Chapter Nine; Chapter Ten; Chapter Eleven; Chapter Twelve ; Chapter Thirteen; Chapter Fourteen; Chapter Fifteen; Chapter Sixteen; Chapter Seventeen; Chapter Eighteen; Chapter Nineteen; Chapter Twenty; Chapter Twenty-One; Chapter Twenty-Two; Chapter Twenty-Three; Epilogue

*An Origin Story–Complete
AU in which Oliver's parents never died
>>>>3rd Place for Best Alternative Universe Fic by Chlollie Awards

Prologue; Chapter One; Chapter Two; Chapter Three; Chapter Four; Chapter Five; Chapter Six; Chapter Seven; Chapter Eight; Chapter Nine; Chapter Ten; Chapter Eleven; Chapter Twelve; Chapter Thriteen; Chapter Fourteen; Chapter Fifteen; Chapter Sixteen; Chapter Seventeen; Chapter Eighteen; Chapter Nineteen; Chapter Twenty; Chapter Twenty-One; Chapter Twenty-Two; Chapter Twenty-Three

Anty Up–Complete on FFN
How Chloe planned to pay Oliver back for the money she borrowed in Conspiracy.

Appropriate–Complete on FFN
Gabe Sullivan reads something rather upsetting about his only daughter.

Bad Ideas, Good Decisions–Complete on FFN
Chloe has come to drag Oliver home, determined not to let him drown his sorrows in booze.  The longer they're together, though, the more convinced Oliver becomes that leaving is a bad idea.

BaitComplete on FFN
Oliver and Chloe engage in a shouting match: "You really haven't got a clue!  I mean, come on, Chloe!  Don't you think there's a reason I'm always so guearded around you?  Did you honestly think it's because I don't like you?"

Bedside Manner–Complete on FFN
"You said 'girlfriend.'"  He blinked.  Then he braced himself for the inevitable Chloe-style anic attack about how they weren't actually a couple.  It didn't come.

Oliver is less than pleased to discover that Chloe has been staying under Bruce Wayne's protection while she was away.

Booty Call–Complete on FFN
She wanted to give in, to just lean into him for a moment, forget that she was angry at him, and let him have his way with her.  It would be only too easy.

Boys Like Oliver Series–Complete on FFN
If there's one message Oliver Queen wants to sink in on his daughter, it's for her to stay away from boys like him.

Part One
Part Two & Three

Carried Away–Complete
missing scene from Hex--Oliver looks after Chloe when she passes out on her birthday

Chloe Sullivan Walked In–Complete on FFN
As if on cue, as if God had been waiting for the exact moment he made up his mind in order to put his resolve to the test, Chloe Sullivan walked in.

A one-shot glimpse into Loneliness

Context Clues–Complete on FFN
Oliver stumbles across a little more information than he was expecting about Chloe.  Is she seeing someone else?

Death Was Her Lover–Complete
[Songfic] Oliver deals with grief over the fact that Chloe left him for another.

Easy–Complete on FFN
Oliver and Chloe have an unsuccessful foray into cooking. Fluff.

Engaging–Complete on FFN
Chloe and Oliver were friends as kids before she moved to Smallville. Oliver is shocked when he runs into her years later and finds that she is engaged to Lex Luthor.

Extraordinarily Ordinary–Complete on FFN
"A car accident? It was an insultingly mundane way for Chloe to end up in the hospital."  Chloe ends up with a case of amnesia, forgetting everything about the JLA, including Oliver, all because she got hit by a car.  ...or did she?

Fantasy–Complete on FFN
Chloe/Dean; Smallville/Supernatural crossover--Dean has an interesting encounter with Zatanna.

Five Times Oliver Used Sex to Distract Chloe–WIP
5 time Oliver used sex (Successfully or Unsuccessfully) to distract Chloe
Chapter OneChapter Two;  Chapter Three;  Chapter Four;  Chapter Five

Girl in Red
–Complete on FFN--fyi, I wrote this WAY before Masquerade.  Just sayin.
“You know,” he said, whispering seductively in her ear. “I probably shouldn’t be doing this.”  “Doing what?”  “Dancing with you. I’m sure my girlfriend, Chloe, will be extremely jealous when she shows up."

Grafitti–Complete on FFN
His smirk grew. “I was labeling my favorite parts. Did you know you’re a very deep sleeper?”

Chloe is on a recruiting mission, trying to pin down Gotham's infamous Dark Knight. In order to learn more about him, she begins interviewing those he's captured. What will she do when the Joker escapes and begins targeting her?

Chapter One ; Chapter Two; Chapter Three; Chapter Four; Chapter Five; Chapter Six; Chapter Seven; Chapter Eight; Chapter Nine; Chapter Ten; Chapter Eleven; Chapter Twelve; Chapter Thirteen; Chapter Fourteen; Chapter Fifteen

Hitchhikers–Complete on FFN
Chloe/Dean; Smallville/Supernatural Crossover--Dean and Sam pick up a very exhausted, very unusual hitchhiker.

Identity Crises–Complete on FFN
Chloe couldn't imagine how her life took this turn, but she was having a love affair with the Green Arrow. Maybe all she needed in her life was a little excitement. Now if that jerk Oliver Queen would just leave her alone. rated M for strong adult content
>>>>Nominated for Best Multi-Chapter Fic by Chlollie Awards

Inner Workings
–Complete–[Not Found on FFN]
Chloe and Oliver get caught on the wrong end of Zatanna's magic and find themselves able to hear one another's thoughts...which are apparently a bit dirty at times.  Smut warning.

Just Because–Complete
Oliver kills time in a jewelry store.

Lie to Me–Complete
Excerpt of the lie detector scene from Committed (S8E5)--chlollie-ized; instead of Clark and Lois faking a relationship to save Chloe and Jimmy; Oliver and Chloe fake a relationship to save Lois and Clark.

Life–Complete on FFN
It was wrong.  It was against nature.  It defied the order of things.  He was supposed to die.  She was supposed to live.  That was the way it was supposed to be: Today and a thousand days after, she was supposed to live.

How Oliver learns to fight his inner darkness during his journey to find Hawkman's weapon.

May I Say I Loved You More–Complete on FFN
songfic: "One Man Drinking Game" by Mayday Parade

Mistletoe's Not For Show–Complete
Chloe and Oliver are brought together by a series of mysterious Christmas gifts.

Chapter One;
Chapter Two; Chapter Three; Chapter Four

*Of Scotch and Disney Movies–Complete
In which Oliver is very drunk and Chloe is very cute.  According to him of course.
>>>>Nominated for Best Fluff Fic by Chlollie Awards
>>>>Nominated for Best Comedic Fic by Chlollie Awards

*Of Swashbuckling Pirates and Distressing Damsels–Complete
Rated–Not yet decided
Chloe gets captured by pirates.  Do you need anything else?
Chapter One; Chapter Two; Chapter Three; Chapter Four
; Chapter Five; Chapter Six

Oliver or Cake–Complete
"Are you seriously trying to tell me I appeal to you less than cake?"
>>>>Nominated for Best Comedic Fic by Chlollie Awards

Chapter One
Chapter Two

Playing Doctor–Complete on FFN
Chloe is feeling under the weather.  "Ollie," she whined into the intercom.  "I'm sick.  Go away."

Prisoner–Complete on FFN
Sequel to Bait--"YOU WEREN'T GOING TO TELL ME!" she screamed.  "I can't believe it!   I was almost murdered in my sleep last night and you weren't going to tell me!"

Prove It–Complete
loosely based on Season 9 Echo.  Chloe goes to find Oliver in Mexico rather than Tess.

Chapter One
Chapter Two

Rescue–Complete on FFN
After coming to Chloe's rescue, Oliver finds himself feeling a bit overprotective.

Rose-Colored Glass–Complete on FFN
Clark/Lois--A throwback to Season 5: Clark and Lois respond to an e-mail from the now fifteen-year-old Maddie.

Saving Grace–Complete
How Chloe survives her captivity

Chapter One
Chapter Two[Not Found on FFN]

the Sexual Harassment Series–Complete on FFN
Chloe and Oliver engage in a little work-inappropriate activity

Sexual Harassment And Bikinis (Part I)
Sexual Harassment and T-Shirts (Part II)

Sleeping Beauty–Complete on FFN
"Maybe it was just a sign that she wasn’t ready yet. He’d finally got up the nerve to address the issue and she’d thwarted him brilliantly. He couldn’t argue with her if she didn’t even give him a chance to bring up the subject."

Spiderbites and Kryptonite–Complete on FFN
Chloe/Harry, Chloe/Oliver (endgame)--Smallville/Spiderman Crossover--Chloe is reunited with a very old friend, Mary Jane Watson, meeting Peter Parker and Harry Osborn as an added bonus.

Taking Her Home–Complete
Where Chloe has been and how Oliver finds her.

Chapter One
Chapter Two[Not Found on FFN]

Talking in Your Sleep–Complete
Intrepid reporter for the Daily Planet, Chloe Sullivan, has her heart stolen by masked hero, the Green Arrow, but can she be satisfied with not knowing his real identity?

Chapter One; Chapter Two; Chapter Three; Chapter FourChapter Five; Chapter Six; Chapter Seven; Chapter Eight Part I; Chapter Eight Part II; Chapter Nine; Chapter Ten; Chapter Eleven; Chapter Twelve; Chapter Thirteen; Chapter Fourteen; Chapter Fifteen; Chapter Sixteen; Chapter Seventeen; Chapter Eighteen; Chapter Nineteen; Chapter Twenty; Chapter Twenty-One

Chloe and Oliver switch from business to pleasure while talking over the communicators.
>>>>Part I Nominated for Best Oneshot Fic by Chlollie Awards
>>>>Part I 1st Place for Best Comedic Fic by Chlollie Awards

Part I; Part II; Part III

The Angel on Their Shoulders–Complete on FFN
Chloe/Castiel (SUBTLE)--Smallville/Supernatural Crossover--The first time Chloe meets Cas.

The Babysitter's Club–Complete on FFN
Oliver gets trapped into babysitting: “Oliver? What’s u--” she stopped. “What on earth is that noise?” “That, Chloe, is your cousin’s spawn, and it won’t stop. Help.”

The Best Kind of Kiss–Complete on FFN
Episode continuation of Warrior

The Bottom of the Glass–Complete
Chloe's meteor powers return with reinforcements. Instead of talking to anyone about it, even Oliver, she finds a different refuge.
>>>>3rd Place for Best Angst Fic by Chlollie Awards

Chapter One; Chapter Two; Chapter Three; Chapter Four; Chapter Five; Chapter Six; Chapter Seven; Chapter Eight; Chapter Nine; Chapter Ten; Chapter Eleven; Chapter Twelve; Chapter Thirteen

The First Winter He Loved Her–Complete
a winter of Holidays from Oliver's perspective

The Rules–Complete on FFN
There were certain things a girl learned after a while. There were things that had to be done, rules that had to be followed.

The Woman She Was–Complete
Oliver takes a trip to Chloe's past.

Thinking it Through–Complete on FFN
The league goes out together to unwind, but Oliver isn't having a very good time. If they'd just turn that music down a couple of notches....

Trapped–Complete on FFN
Chloe feels trapped and Oliver doesn't know how to rescue her. "It’s the same thing that’s plagued me all my life: no matter where I go, no matter how far away I get, I always end up feeling trapped, like I can’t wait to get away."

*Unrequited–Complete on FFN
Chloe/Bruce--Smallville/Batman Crossover--A brief story of unrequited feelings, of sorrow, and of the things we fight for.

Why We Live–Complete on FFN
oneshot spin from season 9 finale Chloe's thoughts after hearing and saying the words "I love you."

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Hey, guys.  I hope everyone's doing well.

I've had a few people asking about updates to An Exceptional Young Woman, and even one or two asking about Harleen.  I just wanted to let you all know that no, I have not forgotten about either of these stories.  Harleen has been a bit like wading waist-deep through mud to write, honestly.  Either way, though, no, I have not forgotten about either of these stories, but I have been going through performances and midterms and work and various other things.  Aside from that, I have had some inspiration with an original piece, and I always try to give those precedence over fan fiction.  So my amount of time has been limited.

I do, however, expect to get a couple of posts up this weekend, as well as my usual episode review after Isis, and I am still working on transferring Harleen and An Origin Story over to LJ.  So, keep your eyes peeled for those, and of course, thank you all for the generous feedback I always get on my work!  Makes a writer feel loved. :)

Love n Stuff,
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It has to be shared.  Oh God, my ribs hurt...

Holy Crucial Moment

P.S. I haven't figured out how to paste the actual video on this link.  Any techies wanna help with that?
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I just had an incredibly amusing thought this morning as I stepped into the shower, probably a result of the multitude of shower scenes in Smallville over the years, but it needed to be shared:

Save Water.  Shower with a Superhero.

That is all.  Carry on with your day now.
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Hey, everyone!  I just wanted to do a shameless plug for my friend (marykent), who just posted her first fanfiction story on ffn:

Who is the Blur?

I've already read it and I thought it was pretty great.  Fans of Lois (and "Clois") will definitely enjoy it.  Please leave her a review if you do!


P.S. Another chapter for An Exceptional Young Woman is on its way!
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Okay, so, after being on LJ for approximately one week (give or take?  I'm not keeping track.) I have picked up on a couple of things:

1.) I should have gotten one of these ages ago.

2.)  This website is unnecessarily confusing and yet such fun.


...yeah, it's true.  So anyway, I thought I'd make a shameless request for anyone who is talented at such things (I simply am not.) or knows a user who is talented at such things, I would love to see a banner for An Exceptional Young Woman.

Also, if you have read my stories at (
BlueSuedeShoes) and would like to see me post one of them on here, I will do so if I get a banner.  Otherwise, I'm much too lazy. lol

Anyway, that's my little request, but I also wanted to thank you for all the wonderful, long comments on my stories.  I don't usually beg for reviews, but...well, I do secretly revel in them.  Just so you know.

Thanks, Everyone!


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